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You've played Would You Rather before, but never like this. Welcome to the world of This or That, the podcast where no subject is off limits and no option is left unexplored. You can't help but play along as Chris, Joshua, and Danielle tackle each week's topics with humor, intelligence, and a touch of raunchiness. New episodes each Monday.

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    121 - Fake Telekinesis or Fictional Alien Visit

    Welcome to the newest This or That, your favorite #wouldyourather comedy #podcast! This week we’re talking about being delusional!

    Some people are dirty liars, but we here at the This or That podcast pride ourselves in our limitless honesty. In this episode though, we have to lie about something that hasn’t happened, and then try to convince others that it’s true. Convince your coworkers that you have telekinesis, or that an alien visited you: which would you choose?

    What the hell does this have to do with dousing rods? Who in the Crew thinks it would be cool to believe (but not able to) move things with your mind? Who just wants to be the little spoon? Let’s find out!

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    120 - Hot Meat Lovin' or Raw Meat Lovin'

    Welcome to another week and another episode of your favorite #wouldyourather #podcast! This week we’re getting culinary, but not in the way that you may think (or want, for that matter).

    Meatloaf. It’s tasty and delicious. Who doesn’t love a tasty loaf of meat? But do you care for meatloaf so much that you feel compelled to make sweet love to it? Like, shove your business right up in there? Is that so? Well, now that you’ve decided to hump this loaf of meat, you have a choice: straight from the oven, or raw and bloody? Which would you choose?

    Is E.coli “wang-born”? Which member(s) of the podcast use their privates to test the doneness of their food? Why is Danielle so excited about having a penis? Let’s find out!


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    118 - Name the Presidents or Name the State Capitals

    Welcome to another week of This or That, your favorite #wouldyourather #podcast! This week we’re going off-brief with a bite sized episode. It’s easy enough. On the threat of death, would you rather have to name off 40 state capitals, or 25 US Presidents? Let’s find out!

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