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You've played Would You Rather before, but never like this. Welcome to the world of This or That, the podcast where no subject is off limits and no option is left unexplored. You can't help but play along as Chris, Joshua, and Danielle tackle each week's topics with humor, intelligence, and a touch of raunchiness. New episodes each Monday.

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    111 - Heater in the Summer or A/C in the Winter

    Welcome to another week of #wouldyourather goodness on your favorite #podcast! This week we’re keeping it simple stupid, with possibly our most straightforward topic ever. Jack up the heat in the summer, or blast the AC in the winter.

    This week we may or may not answer these questions: what in the hell is #jumpsuitlifestyle, and why is Chris trying to make it a thing? Why is Joshua and Danielle’s house such a dump? Why won’t @hockey.sockey set Danielle up with a sweet Toronto Maple Leafs onesie? (I’m serious, you know how to reach us). And most importantly, which would you choose? Let’s find out!

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    110 - Flame On or Self Inflicted Wound

    Happy Monday! It’s time for another episode of your favorite #wouldyourather #podcast! Since listening to our podcast isn’t painful enough, this week we’re talking self-inflicted wounds! Go ahead and give it a go. You know you want to.

    This week we explore… The difference between a whaling harpoon and a sharking harpoon! Mourning the death of Jaws! The horrors of working in fast food! Sweet 80’s rock! Shoot yourself in the foot or be highly flammable… which would you choose?

    (BTW, Danielle knows that it’s actually Night Ranger that did the theme to The Secret of My Success, but for some reason the editor cut out the part where she corrects herself. I’m blaming Chris.)

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    109 - Forever Itchy or Always Sticky

    Is it Monday already? You know what that means… time for a new episode of your favorite #wouldyourather #podcast!

    This week we keep it simple. You’re always itchy, or you’re always sticky. Which would you choose? Can’t be that hard… can it?

    In this week’s episode you can expect… fifth grade level bodily fluid jokes! References to jam hands! Surprisingly innocuous high school stories! Danielle totally losing it! All this an more on this week’s This Or That!

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    108 - Dick Nose or Racist Tattoo

    Another week means another wonderful pair of choices on your favorite #wouldyourather #podcast! This one’s user submitted by Leslie from Texas. Thanks Leslie!

    This week we’re talking permanent disfigurement! Would you rather have a gigantic swastika tattoo in a highly visible area, or a nose that looks like the average penis?

    How many penises has Chris seen, and… cut or uncut? What would Chris choose if given a third choice? Does Danielle really have “mad contouring skills”? How attractive are the members of the This or That Crew? And most importantly, which would you choose? Let’s find out!

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    107 - Always Wear Mittens or Always Wear Roller Skates

    Happy Monday to you! Time for a dose of the hot #wouldyourather #podcast action you’ve been waiting for! This week, a new pair of inconveniences is ready for your review.

    Imagine a life where you always have mittens on! Or where you’re always wearing roller skates. Which would you choose?

    Chris once again assumes the one of these that gives him a “quirky” persona! Joshua explains the drama of a canceled and unpopular tv show, and the importance of lifting hooks! Danielle makes the decision that is least likely to cut her head off!

    Find out what we choose on this week’s This or That!

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    106 - Crossfit Fanatic or Have Diabetes

    Hello Monday. And hello to a new episode of your favorite #wouldyourather #podcast! This one’s heavy on judgment and uneducated assumptions, just the way we like it!

    So you’ve got diabetes! Now what? Shots? Deadly symptoms? Diet modifications? Sounds like a hassle. But would you rather be a hardcore cross fitter instead? WODs, PRs, bloody ripped calluses. These are your choices.

    Which member of the This or That Crew watches fitness videos on YouTube? Hint: it’s the same one that brags about their body fat. 10 Rules for Dating Chris! Danielle really leans into her choice. But after all this, which would you choose? Let’s find out on this week’s This Or That!

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    104 - Beef Binge or Wasabi Bath

    A new day means a new #wouldyourather #podcast, and we’re all about culinary adventures! We’re not talking about visiting fine restaurants around the world, or hitting up all those diners that one guy on tv talks about. We’re talking the adventure of eating your weight in a particular food, or exposing your skin to a different food!

    Eating your weight in beef tongue versus jumping in a pool filled with wasabi! Which would you choose?

    How will this affect the T or T crew’s already sensitive digestion? Does Joshua know what foods he’s actually eaten in his life? Is shutting your eyes “really tight” enough to keep wasabi from getting in there? Most importantly, which would you choose? Let us know!

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    103 - Sneezegasm or Coughrination

    Today things get a little dirty and unpleasant. But isn’t that why this is your favorite #wouldyourather #podcast? Not for the faint of heart, and certainly NSFW.

    Sneezing. Coughing. Peeing. Orgasming. They (probably) happen to all of us. Not always at the same time. We here at the T or T podcast like to mix it up, so why not mix these up? In this week’s episode let’s talk about bodily fluids and their relationship to your upper respiratory health! Here are your choices: orgasm every time you sneeze, or pee every time you cough. Which would you choose?

    This week we answer some important questions like… who is Dan Stevens? Which liquids can be compared in a truly objective way? Can one drive a crane? How much is just “too much”? Most importantly, which would you choose? Let us know!

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