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You've played Would You Rather before, but never like this. Welcome to the world of This or That, the podcast where no subject is off limits and no option is left unexplored. You can't help but play along as Chris, Joshua, and Danielle tackle each week's topics with humor, intelligence, and a touch of raunchiness. New episodes each Monday.

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    120 - Hot Meat Lovin' or Raw Meat Lovin'

    Welcome to another week and another episode of your favorite #wouldyourather #podcast! This week we’re getting culinary, but not in the way that you may think (or want, for that matter).

    Meatloaf. It’s tasty and delicious. Who doesn’t love a tasty loaf of meat? But do you care for meatloaf so much that you feel compelled to make sweet love to it? Like, shove your business right up in there? Is that so? Well, now that you’ve decided to hump this loaf of meat, you have a choice: straight from the oven, or raw and bloody? Which would you choose?

    Is E.coli “wang-born”? Which member(s) of the podcast use their privates to test the doneness of their food? Why is Danielle so excited about having a penis? Let’s find out!


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    118 - Name the Presidents or Name the State Capitals

    Welcome to another week of This or That, your favorite #wouldyourather #podcast! This week we’re going off-brief with a bite sized episode. It’s easy enough. On the threat of death, would you rather have to name off 40 state capitals, or 25 US Presidents? Let’s find out!

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    115 - Fly Covered Ice Cream or Roach Filled Ice Cream

    Welcome to another exciting week of your favorite #wouldyourather #podcast! This week we’re ruining all that is sacred once again. By putting bugs in or on your ice cream! This week we ask: would you rather eat ice cream with a surprise inside, and that surprise is a cockroach, OR ice cream that was previously covered with a bunch of house flies?

    Is surface area even a factor in this? What are those flies reeeeally doing on that ice cream? (Hint: they’re likely humping). Why is the Crew talking about Sarah McLachlan? How does this situation parallel a home intruder? Lastly, what the hell is wrong with Danielle and her complete inability to use reason during this episode? And most importantly, which would you choose? Let’s find out!

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    114 - Teeth for Pubes or Pubes for Teeth

    It’s a new week, so it’s time for another episode of your favorite #wouldyourather #podcast! This week we’re talking about pubes! Woo-hoo!

    This week’s episode, we keep it pretty simple: either you have teeth where you would normally have pubic hair, or pubic hair where you would normally have teeth. Despite the simplicity of the choices, look forward to a heated argument, filled with confusion and general exasperation!

    When it comes to pubic teeth, what is the “deluxe service”? How much upkeep and grooming do these things take? What is Joshua’s problem with the state of Florida? And most importantly, which would you choose? Let’s find out!

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    113 - Laugh Track or Theme Music

    Happy Monday! A new week means it’s time for a new #wouldyourather #podcast! This week, we’re offering a strange mix of surreal sounds to define your life!

    Theme music – it’s always on in the background during movies and TV, even if you don’t notice. What if there was also theme music throughout your life, reflecting your emotions at any given moment? How would that affect you?

    How about a laugh track? As you talk to people and go about your business, a captive but invisible studio audience laughs, boos and otherwise reacts to the things that happen. This could certainly make things interesting, depending on your activity.

    Would this really act like Spidey sense? Does Chris really not know how he feels on any given day? What happens in either of these situations if you’re about to get murdered?!? Let’s find out on this week’s This or That!

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    112 - Trunk Chicken or Pizza Puke

    It’s here again! A new week means a new episode of the #wouldyourather #podcast that all the kids are talking about. Really, they are. The cool kids, anyway.

    Thanks to Catherine for this week’s listener submitted episode! Once again she’s presented us with something highly unpleasant. Would you rather eat half a rotisserie from a stranger’s trunk, or pizza that you’ve just upchucked? Let’s discuss!

    Does the type of pizza actually make a difference here? Which member of the TorT crew is most concerned about the temperature danger zone? Who is convinced that adding mayonnaise will really make this easier? And most importantly, why is Catherine trying to torture us with these terrible choices?!? Let’s find out!

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    111 - Heater in the Summer or A/C in the Winter

    Welcome to another week of #wouldyourather goodness on your favorite #podcast! This week we’re keeping it simple stupid, with possibly our most straightforward topic ever. Jack up the heat in the summer, or blast the AC in the winter.

    This week we may or may not answer these questions: what in the hell is #jumpsuitlifestyle, and why is Chris trying to make it a thing? Why is Joshua and Danielle’s house such a dump? Why won’t @hockey.sockey set Danielle up with a sweet Toronto Maple Leafs onesie? (I’m serious, you know how to reach us). And most importantly, which would you choose? Let’s find out!

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