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You've played Would You Rather before, but never like this. Welcome to the world of This or That, the podcast where no subject is off limits and no option is left unexplored. You can't help but play along as Chris, Joshua, and Danielle tackle each week's topics with humor, intelligence, and a touch of raunchiness. New episodes each Monday.

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    91 - Bone Furniture or Skin Covered Walls

    Welcome to Week 4 of the Second Annual #Halloween Boo-fest, #wouldyourather #podcast style! This week, let's talk home decor!

    We've talked about scary clowns 🤡, haunted houses 🏡, and bingeing on candy 🍫🍬🍭. Where do we go from here? How about decorating our homes with parts of dead humans?!? Seems like a natural next step.

    Who likes the idea of having all of your furniture made out of human bones? Not real keen on that? Instead, how about having your walls covered with a patchwork made of human skin? Not any better? Well, there are your choices.

    Let's go down memory lane with discussions of the 1990s Seattle music scene! Joshua's spooky college friends! Danielle's first apartment! And of course, home renovations. All this and more on this week's This Or That!

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    89 - Room with Juggalos or Board with Pennywise

    It's week two of your favorite month: the This or That Halloween Spooktacular! This October, look forward to creepy crawly #wouldyourather #pocasts all month long.

    What's a scary movie without a scary clown? 🤡 Pennywise is one of our favorites, and he sure is frightening. But would he make a good roommate despite his penchant for violence? How about some Juggalos? Would you rather live with them?

    Is Pennywise really a dependable roommate? Can the This or That crew tolerate 24/7 ICP? What happens during this podcast that forces Chris to file a formal complaint with the This or That Administrative Authority? And which would you choose? Let's find out!

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    88 - 24/7 Costume Wearing or 365 Pumpkin Head

    It's finally October, and it's time for what you've all been waiting for: our second annual Halloween Spooktacular! All month long enjoy #Halloween themed This Or Thats! Let's have some fun this week with a special #wouldyourather #podcast that's perfect for the season.

    Some of us put a lot of time and effort into carving pumpkins to decorate our homes in festive fashion for Halloween. Some are big, some are small, but this week is all about being able to put it on your head. So you can wear it. Every day.

    Not keen on wearing a Jack o'lantern on your head every day? No problem at all! You'll just need to wear a costume instead. A different costume. Every day.

    Are the members of KISS really that different? Where the hell are all these pumpkins coming from? Can Danielle really come up with 365 costume ideas (366 if it's a Leap Year)? Let's find out on this week's This Or That!

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    87 - One TV Show or One Musical Artist

    It's time for another episode of your favorite #wouldyourather #podcast! This week Joshua picks an "easy" topic...but does he?

    In this world of interwebs, streaming music services, cable, subscriptions to channels and more channels and other streaming video services and other services that when added together cost as much as cable anyway, we have access to all of the media we could ever want or need. But is variety really the spice of life? Could we live without these things?

    This week we discuss choosing one of those media (music or tv), and boiling them down to just one option; your access to TV stays the same, but you can only listen to the catalog of one musician. Or, your access to music stays the same, but you can only watch one TV show. Which would you choose?

    What are the T or T crew's favorite shows and musical acts? Which medium does Joshua draw inspiration from? Why are the guys so surprised by Danielle's choice of TV show? What the hell is wrong with Chris? I mean, really? All this and more on this week's This or That.

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